We offer our clients all the benefits of our world-class manufacturing plant and production facilities:

  • Agility in responding to changing market demands
  • Cost efficiencies without sacrificing quality
  • Significant scale – large-scale volumes
  • Cross-capability in a number of variations
  • Remarkable turnaround time
  • Appreciation of just-in-time delivery
  • Global competitiveness, local expertise.


When it comes to numbers, we’ve got what it takes to handle bulk.

Our operations facility is considered one of the best and biggest in the industry and we are the leading local contract manufacturing company in terms of size, volume, quality, and capability.

The manufacturing processes at KAS are all carried out in separate product-specific areas: personal, home, baby and oral care. Within each of these areas, different processes, specific operations, and combinations are possible.

These include:

  • Standard cold mixing
  • Steam heated hot mixing
  • Variable speed propeller mixing
  • Variable speed counter-rotating mixing
  • Mixing under pressure up to 100 kPa
  • Mixing under vacuum down to -50 kPa
  • Cooling and chilling within the process
  • Various filtering options during the process
  • High speed in-line homogenising

RO Plant capability of Purifying 10000 litres of water per hour ensuring a 5 microsiemens/cm spec

Bulk Manufacturing Equipment

We use the highest quality standard in equipment for our manufacturing, utilising 316 grade stainless steel mixing and storage tanks in our plant.

We provide a full-scale alternative to multinational production for locally and globally demanded brands.


Our Grand Central Factory is the centre of our packing operations, with six distinctive departments with specific product focuses:


  • Cream filling – both hot and cold fill, 30ml to 1 litre
  • High volume liquid-based toiletries, 60ml to 300ml
  • High volume liquid-based homecare, 200ml to 5 litres
  • Tube filling, from 15 ml to 200ml
  • Perfume filling from 10ml to 200ml
  • Liquid detergents from 200ml to 5 litres
  • Bulk supply up to 25 litres
Contracted manufacturing company

Packing Production Equipment

Product Packing is sectioned out into 7 separate packing areas to prevent cross contamination of personal, home, baby and oral care product types.

Liquid lines

Suitable for all liquid and lotion products and low viscosity creams

Tube lines including toothpaste line

Suitable for all lotions, creams and pastes. Designer-sealing capabilities available

Haircare and cream lines

Suitable for hair food, relaxers, gels, and petroleum jelly products

Household lines

Suitable for all liquids from all purpose creams, dishwash liquid and bleach


Audited and compliant flameproof filling area

kitting lines

Suitable for banded and gifting  ranging from low complexity to high complexity

Soap Powder

Suitable for packing from 1kg to 5kg bags including bailer bag capability


Suitable for packaging press powders & liquid cosmetics


Packing components warehouse

To ensure cost and time efficiencies, we keep the packaging components and raw materials for many clients’ manufacturing needs on-site.

  • Our packaging component warehouse is set on a massive 12 000 sqm facility currently housing more than 3500 pallets of stock.
  • Stock is stored per client, with storage and logistics handled by an experienced internal stock control team and a world class inventory management system.
  • Upon delivery, materials are sampled in hygiene booths, scrutinised for physical defects and analysed for product appropriateness.
  • Before acceptance into the warehouse area, all materials must undergo testing by our accredited laboratory.

Raw materials warehouse

Raw materials necessary for production are stored on our main site within easy reach of our manufacturing and dispensing departments.

  • We receive raw materials in loads that range from 200 g to 30 000 kg quantities.
  • Bigger loads are delivered directly to our high-volume bulk raw material storage tanks.
  • Raw materials are stored in temperature and humidity-controlled conditions, including a 32 sqm fridge for fragrances and other materials that require low temperature storage.

 Raw material storage is managed through the latest barcode tracking system which traces ingredient movement from receipt through to manufacture – always maintaining full visibility with an auditable trail throughout the process. 

Kitting Services

Finished goods warehouse

Finished goods from the manufacturing and packaging facilities are stored in our 1 700 sqm warehouse, awaiting direct dispatch to clients or local distribution centres.

  • Our experienced logistics team handle finished-goods deliveries and collections with finesse to make sure everything runs like clockwork.
  • We have the capability of moving large volume of finished product to any destination.
  • We work with clients that have their own distribution chains in place, liaising closely to ensure pickups are scheduled and executed timeously.

Experience the true meaning of quality across the value chain. Learn what quality means to us.

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