Quality, from start to finish.

As Africa’s leading contract manufacturer of personal, home, baby and oral care  products, we’ve staked our reputation on achieving the highest levels of quality throughout the value chain. We enable clients to take an idea from concept, through to design, research, packaging development and into production with our end-to-end manufacturing service.

KAS Research & Manufacturing is a Level 1 BBBEE company and is 51% black female-owned and driven.

What gives us the competitive edge?

Research excellence

Everything we do is geared toward innovation and maintaining quality at the core of our manufacturing services.

360-degree service

We are agile in responding to our customer’s needs, with an integrated just-in-time value chain appreciation.

Localised global expertise

Benchmarked against global partners, clients get access to our world-class research and manufacturing facility.

Gold standard in quality

Creating a consistent and premium contract manufacturer experience as a trusted alternative to international production, while maintaining the highest levels of quality in everything we do.

Biggest and best

We are the leading manufacturing plant on the continent in terms of size, volume, product variety and capability standards.

Cost optimisation

We deliver the ideal cost/quality ratio, delivering a superior product experience every single time.

Our Brand Promise

We are fully committed to meet the industry demand for a reliable contract manufacturing company that can respond effectively to local and global market dynamics.

Having mastered the science of contract manufacturing for the personal, home, baby and oral care industries, we use our deep trade insight to advance the development of a total service and quality system, taking our rightful place at the forefront of an innovative sector.

We strive for quality in everything we do. From start to finish, we provide the world-class facilities, specialised equipment and highly skilled professionals to create the perfect synergy of research excellence and manufacturing expertise that our clients demand.

Trust. Reliability. Quality. To each of our clients, big or small, global or local, our promise is always the same. Significant scale and unparalleled capability delivered with unquestionable quality through every step of the value chain. A distinct competitive edge with cost efficiency to enhance quality, without compromise.

Our vision for today and tomorrow

Establish ourselves as the trusted industry leader in personal, home, baby and oral care industries by reinforcing our role as Africa’s leading contract manufacturer.

Become an indispensable extension to big brands around the world in the these industries by meeting the local and global production demand in a constantly evolving market.

Redefine our service excellence in research and contract manufacturing by providing a full-scale and full-service production capability, from concept to completion.

Our success depends on it.

Unquestionable quality

Complete trust

Operational efficiency

Value chain reliability

Agile lead times

Flexible manufacturing capability

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